Frost & Company, PLLC Plans for Washington Stay at Home Order

All information is based on our current understanding as of the date that it is posted. Please keep in mind this information is changing rapidly – it can and likely will change. Some information becomes outdated the same date it posted. Although we will monitor and update this page as new information becomes available, please do not rely solely on this page. We encourage you to contact your Frost & Company, PLLC advisor for the latest information.

In response to the Governor’s order to stay at home we are implementing a few changes in our operations effective immediately. In order to allow us to adhere to the workplace distancing requirements our staff will be working remotely. A few years ago, we invested in technology that allows us to seamlessly serve our clients from anywhere so working remotely will not hinder our ability to serve our clients. During this time period you can still contact us via phone or e-mail. We will be answering the phones on a reduced schedule from 10am – 3pm weekdays, calls outside of these hours will be answered by our automated system and you can transfer to a staff’s extension from there.  

There are some tasks that cannot be performed remotely, and we will have our administrative staff working on a reduced schedule in our offices to accomplish this. In order to keep them protected the offices will be closed to visitors during this time.

In order to exchange information with us we have a few suggestions, we can set clients up with an electronic secure portal, we can use an encrypted e-mail service that we have, or we can use the postal service. We are going to be delivering tax returns via electronic delivery or by postal service.

During this crisis we are committed to delivering the same level of quality, excellence and service you are accustomed to from us. We are working hard to make this as easy a situation as it can be. We really appreciate your continued business and support during this challenging time.