Building a Lasting Family Business

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This article acknowledges and discusses the portrayal that the media gives us of family businesses. Although this industry operates on the more risky side, the owners of family businesses possess a unique decision making power. Additionally, this article outlines the different types of models that you may want to incorporate inside your family business as […]

Trends Driving Small Business in 2021

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This article discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape on which most small businesses operate. However, trends such as digital footprint, virtual efficiency, workplace culture, and customer reviews are all set to be significant in the new year. No matter your specific industry, these trends apply to all small business leaders. To view […]

Succession Planning Trends to Watch


This article discusses some of the basics that you can capitalize on to ensure that the succession of your business is as easy and efficient as possible. For example, tips such as communicating early, defining goals, and establishing a talent development program are all important things to consider when handing your business over. Be sure […]

Processing Payroll in 8 Easy Steps

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Although outsourcing payroll is an effective approach, completing payroll in-house can save your business time and money. You may think that completing payroll is a daunting task, but following tips such as determining overtime pay, calculating gross pay, and determining deductions before you start the payroll process can keep you in check. Additionally, keeping records […]

Income Tax Brackets for 2020 and 2021

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This article discusses the importance of being educated on the latest income tax brackets and trends to best optimize your hard-earned savings. Each year the IRS adjusts the tax brackets and knowing exactly which one you and your business fall into and can be very beneficial. Be sure to check out this link to compare […]

Frost Participates in Christmas Tree Raffle

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For more than 30 years, Frost has participated in the Festival of Trees, a program that supports Providence Hospital. While this year’s event is different, we strive to help those in our community who need in and to share joy this time of year. With a retail value of more than $5,000, this tree is […]

Finding, Retaining, and Rewarding the Right Staff and Clients

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This article discusses some of the best practices that you can incorporate into your startup or general business to keep adequate clients and customers surrounding your business. Whether it is superior customer service, being open and honest, and/or rewarding great work, these tips can set you apart from the competition. Be sure to check out […]

Deducting Losses – Current NOL Rules Related to the CARES Act

Paycheck Protection Program Application and Reminder Note

This article discusses how the coronavirus pandemic impacted many businesses in a negative way. Despite government funding programs such as the CARES Act and PPP Loan, many businesses are going to finish the year with a negative net operating loss. However, because of these losses, “It is critical for those businesses and especially their financial […]

Main Street Loans Opening Up for Smaller Businesses

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This article discusses the most recent announcement from the Federal Reserve Board. This is significant for small businesses because the minimum loan amount went from $250,000 to $100,000 on three Main Street loan facilities. Additionally, they published a frequently asked clarification document that answers questions concerning the paycheck protection program. Be sure to check out […]