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Estate & Trust

Estate & Trust

Comprehensive Trust Services

Effective estate planning can involve various elements including wills, gift giving and trusts. In today’s ever-changing tax and financial environment, it is more important than ever to develop a plan to protect your assets, reduce taxes on a final estate and transfer assets according to your wishes.

Various trusts can be used to achieve your goals as well as provide for a spouse, beneficiaries who are minors or have special needs, charitable beneficiaries and protection from creditors. In addition, trusts address multiple marriages and children from such marriages and assist in probate (legal proceedings).

Although a trust is a legal document and must be executed by an attorney, Frost & Company is available to help you in the planning stages to identify your assets and goals, and inform you of the tax impacts of your decision.

Estate Compliance and Planning

A legacy, a plan, your home, your investments, your business. The truth is that what we leave behind will serve as a testimonial of how we lived. Too often, poor estate planning leaves the results of a person’s lifetime work in the hands of a probate judge and the U.S. Government – and that’s no way to leave your affairs.

Surprisingly, many people think that they are too young or don’t have enough assets to seriously consider trust and estate planning. The reality is that estate planning is for everyone.

Frost & Company can provide a comprehensive plan to protect what you’ve worked for so that your spouse, your children, and their children can continue to enjoy and appreciate what you’ve accomplished. Avoidance of probate, inheritance and capital gains taxes, and uncertainty regarding your financial future is all possible within the laws of the U.S. and state government.

We can help you set up:

  • Estate determination
  • Probate avoidance strategies
  • Tax reduction
  • Considerations for children
  • Special considerations for businesses
  • Planning for the unexpected
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