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retirement tips for business owners

Succession Planning in a Family Business

As baby boomers begin to leave the business world and move towards retirement, it is important to consider the transition of the next generation. This article discusses key questions to consider when creating a succession plan that is right for your business. To view this article, click here to access
attracting website traffic

Attracting Website Traffic

Most businesses can attribute success to the amount of traffic their website generates, but actually getting people to your website can be challenging. This article discusses tactics small businesses can use to generate more traffic and ultimately more success. To view this article, click here to access the original content.
disrupting business as a startup

Disrupting Business as a Startup

As a business owner, being willing to adapt to changes in technology and the business world will pay off in the long-run. This article explains why startup companies should disrupt traditional practices while paying close attention to emerging technology. To view this article, click here to access the original content.
an alternative approach to growing your business

An Alternative Approach to Growing Your Business

While most businesses grow by beating out the competition, some businesses have instead created a larger target market that holds more opportunities. This article explains why you should consider a five-step approach to creating new markets instead of challenging with competition. To view this article, click there to access the

Tax Tips for Family Businesses

With tax season approaching, it is important for business owners to not overlook the changes in the tax laws. This article discusses some common tax mistakes to avoid if you are a small or family business owner. To view this article, click here to access the original content.
tax preparation for this tax season

Tax Preparation for This Tax Season

With the passing of the new tax act, business owners should carefully prepare for the upcoming tax season. This article discusses steps business owners can take to ensure proper tax filings, and the importance of a financial advisor. To view this article, click here to access the original content.
moving jobs back to america

Moving Jobs Back to America

Businesses will no longer have incentives to move their businesses offshore for tax purposes, due to the new tax code. This article explains the new international tax system, and why businesses will be inclined to bring business back to the U.S. To view this article, click here to access the
your 2017 tax return

Your 2017 Tax Return

Be sure to take advantage of the many hidden write-offs you may be able to claim on your 2017 tax returns. This article discusses the seven different deductions you may be able to claim on your 2017 returns, before the 2018 tax laws take place. To view this article, click
creating a more effective sales call

The Future of Working from Home

Future employees might not need office space and scheduled hours, but instead work from home on their own time. This article explains why a third of the workforce will be working from home in the future, and the importance of putting a policy together for these employees. Click Here to
what did the gops tax plan revamp actually do for small businesses

What Did the GOP’s Tax Plan Revamp Actually Do for Small Businesses?

The new tax plan is a jolt for business, and not just corporate giants. Small businesses and other ‘pass-through’ entities are also benefiting. In an article from Dallas News, author Tom Benning writes, “And while Republicans are staking that high-dollar tax cut on helping smaller businesses — with Jenkins, among


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